pauahi_towerCDS has long been a local leader in the application of design technology. We were among the first Hawai‘i architectural firms to begin working with CADD, way back in 1982, and a quarter century later we are as current in our methods, tools and techniques as any firm in the islands.

But we aren’t merely concerned with “what’s new?” We’re also focused on what’s old, what’s enduring, and what is sacrosanct. We are especially sensitive to Hawai‘i’s natural landscape, striving always to create environmentally sophisticated designs that work with, not against, the fundamental elements of our island home.

Collaboration is key to the working method of CDS International. We are focused, first and foremost, on the needs and intentions of our client; for all the innovation and creativity we bring to the table, we always remain committed to realizing the client’s vision. Our deep knowledge of Hawai‘i also allows us to team with architects, consultants, and construction firms from around the world, and contribute insights that could only come from half a century of working in this unique place. Together, as partners, we evolve dreams and concepts into an inspired reality.