Master planning is the grand-daddy of design. It’s the arena in which literally every consideration comes into play, and every challenge must be met with innovation and expertise if the project is to succeed. The stakes are high, and so is the potential for error. This is why it is crucial to have a well-rounded team with deep experience in the region-a team like CDS International.

Studies, consultations, plans and design-we have participated in master planning projects on every level, at every stage, as leaders and as collaborators. We have been trusted with one of America’s most sacred monuments, the Arizona Memorial Visitor Center, and with some of the world’s most beautiful locations, such as the Maui coastline. Hospitals, hotels, airports, and entire neighborhoods have been the focus of our work as planners.

As Glenn Miura puts it, “Seeing the forest through the trees is the key to master planning.” The dreams and ambitions of the stakeholders must be realized within the complex terrain of the environment, with its unique politics, geography and community concerns. Getting it right is a major challenge, but a challenge that CDS has met successfully again and again.

  • Various Locations, Oahu, HI

    Le Jardin Academy Master Plans were developed to assist the Academy Board of Trustees in studying three alternative sites to address the school’s long-range goal of adding a high school division and consolidating its facilities on one campus. At the time of this study, Le Jardin had nearly 420 students in early childhood through eight […]

  • Pearl City, Oahu, HI

    The Waimano Ridge Master Plan is being conducted for the State of Hawaii Behavioral Health Administration under an indefinite delivery planning contract. Its purpose is to evaluate a 242-acre property, 110 acres of which is developable, for potential subdivision and its ability to accommodate facilities and functions of a variety of government agencies. The parcel […]

  • Lanai City, Lanai, HI

    The purpose of the Lanai High & Elementary School master plan was to chart the expansion of this existing K-12 school-one of only two such schools in the Hawaii Department of Education system-into a P-20 campus. The P-20 concept would serve students from preschool through community college on this isolated, largely rural island and would […]

  • Nakafurano, Hokkaido, Japan

    Although the Nakafurano district of Hokkaido is most famous for its lavender season in late August and as a ski area in winter, the Furano Northstar Resort project was planned as a four season year-round resort to maximize the potential of its beautiful setting. Activity radiates from three focal points of the 600 acre site. […]