behavior_healthPerhaps no arena of design is more affected by the vagaries of geography and culture than planning. It is absolutely essential to have a deep knowledge of the place before embarking on any project. Issues of land use entitlements, environmental impact, historic and culturally significant areas, and other potential pitfalls to a successful project abound in Hawai‘i. Navigating these waters is where our 50-year history in the islands serves us especially well.

Whether the project is a beachfront resort or a simple addition to a private home, whether construction will take place in the heart of downtown Honolulu or on virgin land, CDS International can be a key collaborator in all aspects of planning. Our approach, as with everything we do, ensures that the project will exist in harmony with the natural surroundings, with careful consideration of sustainability and community needs.

We provide the following planning services:

Master Planning
Site Planning
Land Use and Zoning Studies
Planning Charrettes