SustainabilityDiagramgarden_office2If one movement has dominated architecture in the last decade, it is the shift toward sustainable design and construction. Sustainability is more than a specialty, it is a commitment to a principle-the principle that architecture should ameliorate the environment, never damage it.

To design sustainably is to focus on the energy efficiency of the building, embracing new technologies and materials to minimize the draw on resources. It is to strive for efficiency and good health in the choice of building materials and practices, as well-using as little as possible to achieve as much as possible. And, especially important in Hawai‘i, sustainable architecture must consider the placement of the building in its landscape. Any plot of land is a conglomerate of systems-ecological, aesthetic and otherwise-that might be disrupted if careful attention is not paid to the impact of new construction.

At CDS, we take all of these issues very seriously. Whether engaged to design a new project, restore or modify an existing building, or collaborate with other architects, we bring our expertise in sustainability to the fore, helping to ensure a healthier, more environmentally sound future.