enlisted_club2Though the exterior of a new building attracts the most notice and defines the project’s relationship to its surroundings, it is theinterior space that people interact with most. Interior design is a crucial component of good architecture, and inseparable from it. It can make or break a building.

CDS International has often been called upon to design the interiors of new buildings as well as to overhaul, update, re-purpose or refresh the interiors of existing buildings.

Hawai‘i interior design comes with its own set of considerations, challenges, and opportunities. The flow of visitors through a lobby. The sightlines from a lounge to an atrium. The impact of a cathedral ceiling. The convenience of an extra staircase. Texture, color, dimension, décor. These are the tools and considerations that an interior design architect wields to create an experience. Regardless of the scope of the project, we believe in effective, culturally savvy, inhabitable spaces that beckon visitors to enter.

We provide the following interior services:

Space Planning
Specification of Furnishings, Fixtures, and Equipment
Specification of Materials, Finishes, and Colors