Le Jardin Academy New Campus Master Planning Studies

Le Jardin Academy Master Plans were developed to assist the Academy Board of Trustees in studying three alternative sites to address the school’s long-range goal of adding a high school division and consolidating its facilities on one campus. At the time of this study, Le Jardin had nearly 420 students in early childhood through eight grade classes, and was occupying facilities at three adjacent churches in Kailua, Oahu.

In addition to providing physical plans and describing site characteristics and accessibility, the study addressed feasibility of the sites under consideration in relation to land use policies, guidelines, and procedures of the State Land Use Commission and City and County of Honolulu Department of Land Utilization. Each plan also addressed phasing of the construction in three stages.

Major components of the campus plan include approximately 43,000 square feet of academic classroom and support areas, an 18,900 square foot cafeteria with snack bar and kitchen, a 14,000 square foot auditorium with stage and dressing rooms, a 14,400 square foot learning resource center with library, and computer and language labs, and 8,400 square feet of centralized administrative offices, counseling and conference spaces, and workrooms.

Athletic facilities will include a 6,200 square foot pavilion to provide a covered basketball court and play areas in response to windward Oahu’s frequent rainy weather, an 8,000 square foot gymnasium including locker and shower facilities, and approximately 175,000 square feet of football field/race track with 700 bleacher seats. Parking for 145 faculty, staff, students, and visitors is also provided.