Behavioral Health Administration-Waimano Ridge Master Plan

The Waimano Ridge Master Plan is being conducted for the State of Hawaii Behavioral Health Administration under an indefinite delivery planning contract. Its purpose is to evaluate a 242-acre property, 110 acres of which is developable, for potential subdivision and its ability to accommodate facilities and functions of a variety of government agencies. The parcel previously housed the State of Hawaii Department of Health’s Waimano Training School and Hospital for the severely developmentally retarded. The facility was closed in 1999, with many of its buildings since being used by other agencies and non-profits that serve Department of Health clients.Site and Facility Investigation Phase tasks included: conducting existing building condition surveys; evaluating buildings for their historical significance and potential Historic Register designation; meeting with various agencies to determine their interest in constructing new facilities at the site; obtaining facility program information from interested agencies; conducting hazardous materials surveys; evaluating plants, birds, and animals to determine if there are exceptional trees or endangered or threatened species on the site; conducting a traffic study to determine peak school day traffic conditions near the site, which is adjacent to two public school campuses; meeting with the Board of Water Supply and Hawaiian Electric Company regarding potential transfer of existing utility system from the state to these entities; and preparing an existing conditions base site plan.

During the Preliminary Master Plan Phase three preliminary alternative site plans were developed. Potential site utilization was based on feasibility-type programs-also developed during this phase-for new and renovated facilities. Traffic trip-generation characteristics and parametric cost estimates were generated for each alternative. The local Neighborhood Board was briefed and their input sought in determining the preferred master plan.

Pre-final Master Plan and Environmental Assessment will be prepared based on a preferred plan approved by the Neighborhood Board and the Department of Health. After the environmental assessment has been processed a subdivision map for the site will be submitted to the State of Hawaii Department of Land and Natural Resources and City and County of Honolulu’s Department of Planning and Permitting for approval.