Honolulu International Airport 3rd Level International Arrivals Corridor

The Third Level Sterile Corridor project at Honolulu International Airport will construct 2,000 feet of enclosed, air-conditioned “sterile” corridor and allow international arrival passengers who deplane from Gates 26-34 in the Ewa Concourse to walk to the Federal Inspection Station in the Overseas Terminal. This will facilitate discontinuation of Wiki-Wiki Bus service-an unpopular and costly mode of passenger movement-along the Ewa Concourse’s third level elevated roadway. Three segments of moving walkway totaling more than 550 feet in length will be installed to facilitate pedestrian movement. The new corridor will be constructed over the existing sidewalk and a portion of the existing roadway, reducing its width but still allowing two-way traffic for law enforcement, emergency and maintenance vehicles.

The original concept for this project was proposed by CDS, under an earlier master planning contract, as one of several alternatives to improve the intra-terminal transportation system at Honolulu International Airport.

Completion date: 2012


General Contractors Association of Hawaii