Mauna Lani Racquet Club

The Mauna Lani Racquet Club was purposely designed to fit in with the lava-strewn rocky environment created by nearby Mauna Kea volcano, thus it appears as a lush oasis in the midst of a black barren desert.

The 135 seat Gallery Restaurant and Cocktail Lounge, member’s lounge and pro-shop are sited in a U-shaped arrangement with the Stadium Court in the center. Trellised walkways and lanais in front of these buildings provide shade and reinforce the architectural concept.

In addition to the Stadium Court, there are two grass courts and 14 tennis courts. The Racquet Club is a complete facility with a full range of air-conditioned amenities. The interiors are relaxed yet elegant and were carefully coordinated to reflect the outdoor activities.

Mauna Lani Racquet Club was the site of the 1992 Davis Cup.