Aliamanu Community Center

The Aliamanu Community Center’s Child Care Center is one component of the first Army project to use the concept of consolidating several community facilities to increase their liveliness, usefulness, and efficiency of operation.

The center contains separate modules for infant, toddler, pre-school, and multi-age groups, plus administrative, storage, laundry and food preparation areas. The facility occupies one of a series of linked pavilion-like buildings overlooking outdoor playing fields and courts.

The administrative spaces take advantage of the mild climate by providing generous openings that are located to promote natural ventilation, while the child care areas are air conditioned to meet controlled temperature and humidity regulations. Total enclosed area of the center is 7,600 square feet, with another 1,900 square feet in covered terraces. Generous outdoor play yards were provided.


Chief of Engineers’ Design and Environmental Awards Program
US Army Corps of EngineersSW