Maui Army National Guard Puunene Armory

The Maui Consolidated Facility for the Hawaii Army National Guard occupies a portion of the old Maui Airport (Puunene Airport) and the former Naval Air Station. It houses components of two previously separate Maui Guard facilities-the Kahului Armory and Organizational Maintenance Shop #3 in Paukukalo, which were aged and inadequate in size. Consolidating these functions also allowed for improved operational efficiency.

The complex consists of three structures-a 28,700 square foot Armory building which houses the Guard’s administrative functions, an assembly hall, classrooms, library/learning center, exercise room, kitchen, lockers/showers, and unit storage; a 5,675 square foot Organizational Maintenance Shop (OMS) building containing work bays, office, toilets/lockers, and miscellaneous storage rooms; and a Flammable Materials Storage (FMS) building that consolidates all the Armory and OMS flammable storage and controlled waste functions.

Buildings were sited to allow at least 25 meters stand off distance from parking areas, the access road, and the project’s perimeter. The service driveway is isolated from military vehicle only areas and located where building occupants may observe the presence of vehicles. Military only areas are confined to the north side of the Armory where access is available to the OMS, helipad, wash rack, lubrication rack, fuel dispensing, and FMS building.

A formation field is located adjacent to the Armory. This grassed area serves as an outdoor assembly area for personnel reporting for duty to receive instructions and for drills. Large, prominent trees will eventually line the edges of the field. Parking is provided for 120 passenger vehicles. Stalls for 19 military vehicles and 4 large stalls for trailers are in a separate lot between the Armory and OMS.